St. Catherine Laboure School Science Classroom


Texts: Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science by Prentice Hall  
We will include the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) and go beyond them.  Students will learn scientific concepts and inquiry skills through labs, activities, discussions, video clips, current event articles, and texts.  We will use current events discussions so students are active in analyzing facts and ideas.  We will use two-column notes style and a Daily Learning Log (DLL) to organize our material.  We will use technology such as google classroom and Quizlet to enhance our study. The skills and concepts they will acquire in middle school will help them be successful science students in high school and beyond.


Sixth Grade: Earth Science 

Topics include: Earth- Astronomy, Earth's changing surfaces; Life- Plants to Bacteria; Physical= Sound & Light


Seventh Grade: Life Science 

Topics include: Physical- Chemical Building Blocks; Life- Cells & Heredity, Animals, Anatomy; Earth- Inside Earth

Eighth Grade: Physical Science  

Topics include: Physical- Chemical Interactions, Motion & Force & Energy; Earth- Environmental Science; Earth's Waters


Mr. John Blumenshine

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