2019-2020 Financial Requirements

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SCL 2019-2020 Financial Requirements:  Tuition, Required and Optional Fees


St. Catherine Labouré School utilizes FACTS Management to handle tuition collection.  FACTS is a third-party service that works with our school.  All school families must create and use a FACTS account.  For more information about FACTS, visit www.factsmgt.com.  The following policies apply to FACTS:

  1. All FACTS Management Systems accounts must be paid in full before students will be allowed to return for an upcoming year at St. Catherine Labouré School.

  2. You are able to view your FACTS account status and arrange for payments online.  Log on at www.factsmgt.com and visit the “Parents & Students” portion of the website for more information or call FACTS at (800) 624-7092.

  3. To access your existing FACTS account, go to https://online.factsmgt.com.


The fee for late payments is $30.00.  To avoid being assessed a late fee, FACTS must receive your full payment (including any past due amount) on or before the due date.   If your account has been assessed a late fee, the full tuition amount and the late fee must be paid for your account to be correct.


All families must sign up with FACTs Tuition Management for tuition payment.  All tuition must be kept up to date.  Tuition will be refunded for any month not begun.  Once the month has begun, tuition for that month will not be refunded.



For the purposes of tuition determination, a Registered Parishioner is defined as a family that is registered with St. Catherine Labouré Parish, has a Parish ID number, and contributes through envelope contributions to the support of the parish.  The family needs to be an active parishioner for one complete school year before it will be allocated the parishioner school rate.  Family envelope number must be provided at school registration.


In an effort to provide the highest quality programs to our students, yet keep tuition affordable to our families, we rely on fundraising efforts.  Each family is expected to do a pre-determined amount of fund raising each year.  Families will be notified in advance of our fundraising programs.  Please know that the generosity of our families is greatly appreciated.  We would not be able to undertake our shared mission without this support.

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