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Bus Service

Glenview District 34 will provide bus service to all students who live within the boundaries of the district and who live more than 1 mile from SCL.  Please complete and return this form to request bus service.


No bus service will be available on days when District 34 is not in attendance.


Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


7:00-7:30am - Before Care
All students (PK-8) arriving before 7:30am MUST go directly to Ms. Prokopiaks classroom (Room 15) for before care.   Students should enter the building through Door A, the main door on the circle drive.


PK students arriving at this time may go directly to the Early Childhood Center.

K-8 students  MUST enter through Door E, the gym entrance.  Door A will be secured at this time.

K-3 students arriving at this time may go directly to their classrooms.
4-8 students arriving at this time will go directly to the Lunchroom, where they will be supervised by a teacher until they may enter the classrooms.

The first bell rings at 7:50.  Students are considered tardy if they arrive at school after 8:00.


Drop-Off Procedures
Enter the SCL Campus from Thornwood.   Turn right in front of the rectory and through the church parking lot.  (Do not drive in front of the church, that is an exit lane).

All student drop-offs must be at Door E.  Students may not be dropped off at Door A during this time due to bus arrivals.

For K-8
Turn left and drive down the 2nd aisle.   There will be two lanes near the main building that will function in a one-way “U” pattern.   Cars should proceed down the 2nd aisle and turn left to enter the “U.”  Student drop-off will be in front of Door E (the gym entrance).  No parking or standing is allowed in this area.  Cars should drop-off students and exit the “U.”

If you would like to escort your children into the building or to their classroom, you are welcome to do so.  Please park your car in the marked parking spaces and walk into the building.


For Preschool
Go all the way toward the south edge of the parking lot and turn left down the 3rd aisle.  Drive toward the Early Childhood Center.  Please park in the spaces at the south end of the parking lot in front of the Early Childhood Center.  All parents are expected to park and escort students into the building.   It is important that no one parks in front of the building to ensure smooth traffic flow.   No cars may stand in this area either, even for just a few minutes.    The preferred drop off time is between 7:45 and 8:00 am.   To exit the parking lot, cars must join the traffic flow for the main building drop-off and exit on Thornwood.


Exiting SCL Campus
All cars will follow the “U” pattern and drive toward Thornwood using the lane marked with northbound arrows in front of the church.


K-8 – Pick up will continue to be in the gym.  Parents should park their car and walk into the gym where students will be waiting with their teachers.  All students must be signed out by a parent.  This will help us ensure the safety of all children at our school.

PK – Pick up is at the Early Childhood Center.  Parents should park their car and walk to the building to sign out students.


If someone is going to be picking up your child from school, please contact the school and fill out this form.

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