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Tuition and Fees

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St. Catherine Labouré School utilizes FACTS Tuition Management to handle tuition collection. FACTS is a third-party service that works with our school. All school families must create and use a FACTS account. For more information about FACTS, visit


The following policies apply to FACTS:

  • All FACTS Management Systems accounts must be paid in full before students will be allowed to return for an upcoming year at St. Catherine Labouré School.
  • You are able to view your FACTS account status and arrange for payments online. Log on at and visit the “Parents & Students” portion of the website for more information or call FACTS at (866) 441-4637.
  • To access your existing FACTS account, go to
  • The fee for late payments is $30.00. To avoid being assessed a late fee, FACTS must receive your full payment (including any past due amount) on or before the due date. If your account has been assessed a late fee, the full tuition amount and the late fee must be paid for your account to be correct. 
Each student from grade K-8 will be charged a book fee in the amount of $100 and a technology fee in the amount of $150. The technology fee is assessed at the first tuition payment. The book fee is assessed at the second tuition payment. Both fees are not refundable.
Eighth graders preparing for graduation in June have a $100 graduation fee. The fee covers the cap and gown rental, composite picture, diploma and cover, flowers, and decorations. This fee is due in the office by April 1. All fees must be paid in full before any 8th grade student may participate in any graduation activity. The graduation fee is not refundable.
Every family that registers with St. Catherine Labouré School will be charged a $500 registration fee. This is a one-time, non-refundable fee that must be paid before the student(s) start school. If the family has other students enroll at St. Catherine Labouré within 5 years, they will be charged a non-refundable registration fee of $100 per student.
For the purposes of tuition determination, a Registered Parishioner is defined as a family that is registered with St. Catherine Labouré Parish, has a Parish ID number, and contributes through envelope or online contributions to the support of the parish. In order to qualify, the family needs to be an active parishioner for one complete school year before it will be allocated the parishioner school rate. To be considered an active parishioner, annual donations to the church must exceed the difference between the parishioner and non-parishioner rate, and the family must be active in the church – we highly encourage active participation for the whole family through regular attendance at Saturday vigil or Sunday masses, altar serving, singing in the choir, reading as a lector, or serving as an usher or eucharistic minister. If an envelope number is not provided on registration materials, the parishioner rate will not be applied. It is not the responsibility of St. Catherine Labouré School to follow up with a family if an envelope number is not provided on registration materials at the time of submission to the school. St. Catherine Labouré School reserves the right to revoke the parishioner rate from any family that does not follow these stipulations.
St. Catherine Labouré School will assess a re-registration or re-enrollment fee to be submitted with re-registration materials. This is a processing fee and is not refundable unless a family moves more than 50 miles from their current address. Re-registration will not be considered complete until all materials and the re-registration fee are submitted. If the fee is not paid with re-registration materials, it will be assessed with tuition. The fee will be $50 per student when submitted with re-registration materials by the published deadline. The fee will increase over time. If a family submits re-registration materials and/or fee after the published deadline, the fee will be $100 per student. If a family submits re-registration materials and/or fee after June 30, the fee will be $150 per student. If a family submits re-registration materials and/or fee after July 30, the fee will be $200 per student. 
Students in second grade are assessed a $100 sacrament fee, which covers expenses such as, but not limited to, the textbook, program booklets, special instructional materials, flowers and decorations for the services, and certificates. This fee is due to the school office by February 1st. Students in 8th grade are assessed a $100 sacrament fee. The fee covers the textbook, printing of booklets, instructional materials, flowers, decorations, certificates, pins, etc. This fee is due into the school office by February 1st. Students outside these grade levels but receiving sacraments through the parish are assessed a $100 fee per sacrament. The sacrament fees are not refundable.
If a student withdraws from St. Catherine Labouré School at any point after August 1 for any reason, a withdrawal fee of $500 will be charged. The Administration must be notified in writing of the withdrawal and the withdrawal will be effective on or after the date of notification. Tuition must be paid through the withdrawal date to have records released. The withdrawal fee is non-refundable.


Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating each student. In an effort to provide the highest quality programs to our students, yet keep tuition affordable to our families, we rely on fundraising efforts. Each family is expected to do a predetermined amount of fundraising each year. Families will be notified in advance of our fundraising programs. Please know that the generosity of our families is greatly appreciated. We would not be able to undertake our shared mission without this support. Fundraisers include but are not limited to World’s Finest Chocolate sales, SCL Lottery, and Walk-a-Thon.

Extended Care: There is a $100 registration fee to use the program for the year. After that, the cost is $7 per student per hour. You are only charged for the time you use.
Milk: The cost of milk is $85 per student for the year. If you pay the Milk Fee, your student will receive a half pint of 2% milk each day that there is lunch.
Blizzards: Our Student Council offers a monthly Blizzard Program. Students can pre-order for specific dates or for the entire year, September through May. There will be no refunds for missed days on these orders. Blizzards are $3.75 each.
Hot Lunch: Our volunteers make this program possible! We have freshly made hot lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. You can purchase by the year, by the month, or by the meal.